TOC Analyzers

TOC Analyzers

miniTOC and uniTOC

The right TOC analyzers from water to ultra pure water applications

Our systems enable TOC analysis of different water qualities – from ultrapure water in the pharmaceutical industry and in power plants up to waste water from Production site (up to 20 ppm) – we provide the right instrument for the determination of your TOC. Both systems use UV radiation as the oxidation method. For uniTOC the oxidation process can be enhanced with additionals dosage of reagent. The miniTOC uses conductivity measurement and the uniTOC uses NDIR detection for TOC determination.

Each of the detection methods have their respective advantages. The miniTOC is more convenient for pure and ultrapure water (conductivity < 2 µS/cm, optional also up to 30 µS/cm), whereas the uniTOC unit offers a wider application spectrum. Both systems have also an offline mode to measure grab samples. All systems can be qualified with IQ/OQ documents.

After the overview scheme has given you a first impression of the diverse selection of systems, we invite you to follow the respective links to the systems to get further informations about each system. If you are not sure which system you need, please feel free to use our product finder at the end of this page.



online & offline mode
TOC range 0.5 – 1000 ppb
conductivity measurement



online & offline mode
TOC range 2 ppb (15 ppb) to 5000 ppb (20 ppm)
NDIR measurement